Who Am I

I'm a designer who specialises in interface design and front-end development

I believe design is about clearly communicating your message and I approach the design process in the same way. Straight talking, transparent communication.

I've tried to reflect that in this portfolio of my work and be clear about the inevitable learning experiences on each project along with the successes. I hope this shows that I have reflected and learned from each experience to ensure the most successful project I'll do will always be the next one.

What Skills Do I Have?

I design and build websites and applications

User Experience Design

I've had a healthy interest in human psychology since university and taken a more professional interest in user psychology around three years ago.

User experience research has been a part of the design process for centuries. With digital design we can continuously test and iterate a product at a much lower cost. I've adopted the principles of Lean UX design into my process. Identifying the assumptions and building the simplest feature to test it's effectiveness through short iterations.

Website Design

It's been 15 years since I designed my first website made in a wysiwyg editor and not very intuitive but the start of a continuing learning process. I've always communicate directly with the client as we worked through each stage of the design process.

I feel it's important to keep people in the loop with each decision, creating mood boards, low and high fidelity mockups and then moving to build. To get important feedback at the earliest stage.

Interface Design

I've been working on applications for four years. Elearning, LMS, project management software to list a few. I find it important to keep track of all the standard design patterns as users spend more time using other applications.

Interface designer is like a therapist, ask the correct questions and read the sub text in the answer. I enjoy the meaningful feeling of been genuinely helpful to improve how someone uses something in their day.

Front-end Development

I've been native in the core languages for a long time. In my opinion a good knowledge of how the technology works is vital for design.

Often I see designers putting a feature in the design without knowing the development time. I'd argue that to include a feature you need to know it's cost and it's value, if the cost is greater than it's value then don't buy it.

How Complete Are My Skills?


User Experience Design


Website Design


Interface Design


Front-end Development

Featured Work

It's not just about how it looks, it's also how it works

Previous Experience

Where and when I have worked in the past

  • April 2015

    User Interface Designer - Jive Software

  • Feb 2014

    Senior Designer - The Chartered Institute of Marketing

  • May 2013

    User Interface Developer - Growth Engineering

  • Feb 2012

    User Interface Developer - Hitachi Data Systems

  • April 2010

    Design and Developer - Growth Engineering

  • March 2009

    Web Designer - School Website